Erin Cooper Gay | Erin Cooper Gay
Erin Cooper Gay is a genre-bending baroque soprano with a passion for interesting artistic collaborations.
Erin Cooper Gay, soprano, baroque, genre-bending, Toronto, french horn
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Author: Erin Cooper Gay

Hello world!

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ALBUM UPDATE – Finally!!

Hello dear backers :) Things are moving along! The team and I finished the "bed tracks" at Noble Street Studios the last week of November and Drew is now busily working on the final arrangements. I'll be tweaking vocals this weekend and throughout February, along with...


I am so excited to announce that I won't be posting anything on Facebook for a long time. ;-) Thank you for bearing with me this last month of full on self promotion. It was worth it - Black Market is fully funded and now...

I am so grateful and thrilled to announce that we reached our goal and continue to surpass it!!!!!! My deepest thanks to each and every one of you who made this happen. Drew and I are meeting this afternoon to finalize album repertoire and discuss plans - so exciting!! I will keep you all updated :-) Please continue to share the link - it would be great to be able to pay the kickstarter fees (about 10%) AND have room to explore Black Market even further!!!! A million thank yous, Erin

4 days to go!!!!

Hi all you amazingly supportive people!! We are 90% funded with just a few days to go. Please share this link with anyone and everyone! We are so close and it will only be funded if we reach $15,000. My deepest thanks - this would...