Erin Cooper Gay | Erin Cooper Gay Releases Kickstarter-Funded Debut Album, Black Market
Toronto soprano Erin Cooper Gay announces the release of her debut album, Black Market, produced in collaboration with Drew Jurecka.
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Erin Cooper Gay Releases Kickstarter-Funded Debut Album, Black Market


06 Nov Erin Cooper Gay Releases Kickstarter-Funded Debut Album, Black Market

Soprano Erin Cooper Gay steps into the spotlight with her crowdfunded debut album, Black Market, and out from behind the French horn she plays for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. The genre-defying, nine-track album will be officially released this Monday, November 9, with a launch party at The Spoke Club in Toronto.

Black Market reflects Erin’s eclectic musical taste and that of her collaborator on the project, Juno-winning producer, arranger and jazz violinist Drew Jurecka. In addition to an original song penned by Drew, the album features covers of tracks by Radiohead, Punch Brothers, John Dowland and Claudio Monteverdi among others.

In the crowd at this weekend’s launch party will be a number of the album’s Kickstarter backers, celebrating the piece of art they helped bring into existence. Erin and Drew sold the concept of the album to their supporters by asking: “What if we took early music songs and arranged them with a modern sensibility? Then took a few current songs and gave them an early music treatment? A sort of barter or trade of ideas to create something new and underground and uncharted. Like a Black Market.”

The finished product effectively accomplishes just that, a harmonious blend of popular music with timeless arrangements and instrumentation. Radiohead, but with a lute.

Black Market will be available to purchase digitally or as a physical CD at or on Bandcamp.