Erin Cooper Gay | Over 1/3 funded & podcast
Erin Cooper Gay is a genre-bending baroque soprano with a passion for interesting artistic collaborations.
Erin Cooper Gay, soprano, baroque, genre-bending, Toronto, french horn
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Over 1/3 funded & podcast

08 Jul Over 1/3 funded & podcast

I’m excited to say we are almost 50% funded!! This would not be happening if it weren’t for you all and I can’t thank you enough. Most kickstarter projects reaching this before the halfway mark (Thursday for us) make their goal so please spread the word!!!

Also – I was invited to record a podcast intro for singer Sia’s new album review. The iTunes episode was released last night and it’s also on youtube and soundcloud. A whole new audience being reached!!! Please feel free to share these links:

Let’s DO this!!! xx Erin